San Francisco Agricultural School, Paraguay – 22nd-24th October 2013

  2013 Theme: Linking Education, Employability and Enterprise

 “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
― Malcolm X

From the 22nd - 24th October 2013, Education That Pays For Itself 2013 brought together some of the world’s leading practitioners in financially sustainable education in a unique forum for learning, networking, inspiration and action.

Realizing a Shared Vision

Imagine... a school for children from the poorest of families – but where all graduates leave with the skills and experience needed to generate wealth for themselves and their communities.

Imagine... a school in a developing country which is able to support itself without relying on subsidies – and yet is able to afford the best facilities and the best teachers. 

These schools exist.

The change is happening.

This is your chance to be part of it !!

We welcomed more than 150 delegates from 20 countries and
5 continents for 3 days of lively workshops, debates and presentations. Our participants included educators, policymakers, business people, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and NGOs from around the world, all sharing their ideas and knowledge on linking education, employability and enterprise.

See below for a taste of what took place, and register your interest for the 2014 conference, due to take place in Uganda!

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If you’re interested in how education really can change the world, it’s time to come light that fire!


Why Paraguay?

Education That Pays For Itself in Action:

San Francisco Agricultural School

The San Francisco Agricultural School is a non-traditional boarding school run by Fundación Paraguaya providing practical and relevant experiential learning for secondary technical education.

The school is forging a new generation of skilled rural entrepreneurs in the Cerrito region of Paraguay , and is sparking students' interest and desire to continue their education as well.

The school has been 100% financially self-sufficient since 2007 and all graduates are employed in the agricultural sector, are in further education or have set up their own businesses.

Find Out What You've Been Missing!

The Education That Pays For Itself international conferences are now in their 7th year, and they just keep getting better!

Unlike other events which are dominated by endless PowerPoint presentations, we focus on learning in small groups, and sharing expertise within solution-oriented workshops.

We also believe that much of the value in conferences such as ours comes from the working relationships formed, so we make sure there's plenty of time in the evenings for fun and getting to know one another.

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