Conference Formats

About the Conference

Unlike other events which are dominated by long PowerPoint presentations, we focus on learning in small groups, and sharing expertise within solution-oriented workshops. By including a range of session formats we aim to offer as many participants as possible a chance to showcase their work, while keeping discussions open, lively and interactive.

The principle formats which are open for participants to submit ideas for include:



Speakers at plenary sessions are limited in number and normally by invitation only, however strong ideas from experts in the field are always considered. For details about how to submit a proposal to present in these formats, click here.


Facilitated Roundtable Sessions lasting 40-60 minutes are designed to provide an opportunity for presenters to share information on, and stimulate discussion around a particular issue related to the conference with a small group of up to 20 participants. To increase the number of delegates able to participate, presenters will normally conduct their session in front of two different audiences over the course of the conference.

As the purpose of Roundtable Sessions is to create space for exploration of conference topics, presentations serve to kick-start debate and are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes to leave substantial room for discussion. Roundtable dialogue will be recorded and synthesized for presentation at the end of the conference. 


Words of Wisdom
Across the program there will be five ‘Words of Wisdom’ sessions where 3 participants at a time will have 5 minutes each to make a timed ‘photos-only’ Powerpoint presentation to the full conference.

This format’s not about promoting your organization, listing its activities / track record or stating the problem. The challenge is to use 15 photos displaying for 20 seconds each to share:
- Insights that you’ve gained into education, sustainable education, working with young people, working with low income communities etc.
- Specific solutions you’ve found to common challenges
- Personal stories of your journey working in education & what you’ve learned

Presentations under this format will need to be submitted ahead of time and reviewed to ensure they stick to the guidelines.


 Consultancy Clinic
Every organization developing sustainable education programs is sure to confront a number of challenges along the way - but with the right advice from someone who’s faced similar issues it’s often possible to find workable solutions and avoid making costly mistakes!

The Consultancy Clinic is a chance to present your work to a panel of experienced professionals working in sustainable education and pick their brains on the questions you spend your time wrestling with.

Previous examples have included advice about which of a range of school businesses to start up, whether to stay as a recognized school or become an informal education centre and enjoy greater freedom, and how to change the culture of a traditional exam-focused school into an entrepreneurial & impact-focused one.


Video Showcase 2015
If a picture speaks a thousand words, it’s equally true that a video’s worth a thousand pictures. We know that showing a short video about your work can often convey its essence it in a far more impactful way that any conversation can match.

As part of the conference one or more sessions will be available to screen short videos made by participating organizations. With time available for these sessions strictly limited, if you would like to show a video as part of the conference please let us know as soon as possible after your registration.