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Fundación Paraguaya

The Fundación Paraguaya (“FP”) is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Paraguay, with approximately 340 employees and an annual budget of $10 million. Its mission is to develop innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment in Paraguay and proactively disseminate them around the world.

Fundación Paraguaya has 30 years of experience in microfinance, 20 years of experience in youth financial & entrepreneurial education—both as the representative of Junior Achievement in Paraguay and through its own entrepreneurial education and financial literacy programs--and over 10 years of experience combining these two areas of expertise in the development and implementation of a new model of technical/vocation training for low-income youth, the Financially Self-Sufficient (FSS) school.  The Fundación currently runs four schools in Paraguay which follow the FSS School model and is providing technical assistance to other schools in Latin America and Africa which are adopting the model.

Over the years Fundación Paraguaya has received substantial international recognition for its transparency, social innovation, social impact and the financial sustainability of its programs. It is a founding member of Acción International, the leading microfinance network, as well as a member of a number of other international networks, including the Skoll and Schwab Foundation networks of social entrepreneurs, the World Economic Forum and Junior Achievement Worldwide (on whose regional Boards FP Executive Director, Martin Burt, serves), Synergos and others.

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