Conference Topics 2016

At this ground-breaking event, participants will play an important role in building a shared understanding of how schools can achieve financial self-sufficiency through integrating education and entrepreneurship, as well as determining the future direction for such sustainable education approaches in the years to come.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

  1. Getting started: Start-up strategies for sustainable schools
  2. Finding funding: Financing your path to sustainability
  3. Income generation: How to make money from school enterprises
  4. Relevant education: Redesigning education to meet the needs of students.
  5. Localization & adaptation: From urban to rural, primary to tertiary, adapting to the local context.
  6. Community development: From the family to everybody, extending education & participation
  7. Sustainable development: Environmental challenges & opportunities
  8. Human resources: Developing and managing an entrepreneurial team
  9. Improving outcomes: How to understand, measure and improve impact
  10. Equal Access: Opening education to the marginalized
  11. Partnership & advocacy: Creating the greatest change possible, together
  12. Technology for change: Technology to strengthen education & earn income

These topics will be integrated across the different session formats to differing degrees, however, participants submitting proposals to lead sessions are encourage to select one topic as the main theme of their presentation.